Project AIM Model

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Project AIM introduces students to artistic practice by creating collaborative partnerships between classroom teachers and professional teaching artists. Project AIM artists represent multiple disciplines and expertly use inquiry-based teaching methods to guide students through the creative process from brainstorming, creation, critique and revision, to performance, exhibition, and final documentation.

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Project AIM explores relationships between arts and academic learning. Artists and teachers collaboratively create arts-integrated curriculum, advancing understanding of both academic and art content, giving equal importance to each area. Classrooms are transformed into studios and performance spaces where students are engaged in a powerful learning cycle in and through the arts. 

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Project AIM provides opportunities for mentorship between teachers, artists, students, and college faculty. We establish reciprocal learning communities through professional development, hands-on workshops, and cooperative classroom learning laboratories. Our Summer Institute, Steering Committee meetings and annual Curriculum Share provide additional mentorship opportunities.

Click on the video to learn how Project AIM engages students and teachers in arts integration.