Project AIM Unit Design

Project AIM units are collaboratively designed by the teaching artist and classroom teacher according to the following architectural principles.


Protest Posters Perez Big Idea

Big Idea

Early in the planning process, Project AIM teams identify a big idea that is relevant in both subject areas and helps to anchor and guide the unit. Big, conceptual ideas provide a framework, and a successful idea achieves an elegant fit for learning in both the art and academic content strands. Project AIM units are designed to exercise student's critical thinking by asking them to transfer knowledge from one domain to another by continually revisiting the big idea. 

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Essential Questions

Essential Questions are generated early in the planning process to shape curriculum design around the big idea. These questions work to stimulate and guide the inquiry.

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Project AIM Units are designed with three different sets of learning standards: Common Core, Core Arts, and Social Emotional. Artists and teachers discuss the standards and design a rubric to measure growth according to a grade level standard within each framework.