Collaborative Planning and Teaching


Shared Expertise Is Leveraged In Partnership

The strength of Project AIM is based upon a co-planning and teaching model with both teacher and teaching artist bringing their expert pedagogical and content knowledge to the table. Residencies are co-designed for each unique classroom in collaborative sessions before the residency begins. 

Girl with Polaroid

Classrooms Transformed Into Studio Environment

Over twelve sessions, classrooms are transformed into studios where the students explore big ideas in art and academic content areas. The teaching team guides students through the creative process of ideation, creation, critique, and revision, culminating in the performance and/or exhibition of the students learning through creative projects.

Continued Partnership The Model

 Collaboration Continues Throughout the Residency

The teaching team continually reworks their plan in response to the students as the residency unfolds. They meet at the conclusion of the residency to reflect and assess the residency, evaluating the effectiveness of the partnership and the depth of student learning. 

“It was fun planning and developing this lesson that really made Ancient Mesopotamia come to life for my students. Thank you Project AIM! This program is what we really need in American Education.”
Carla Stone
Social Studies Teacher, King Literary and Fine Arts School