In 2008, CCAP published AIMprint: New Relationships in the Arts and Learning, co-edited by Cynthia Weiss and Amanda Leigh Lichtenstein, which outlines the nationally renowned Project AIM model through essays as well as curriculum and unit plan samples. AIMprint provides rich perspective on the field of arts integration. Inside, readers find tools that readily translate to the classroom, helping them create powerful arts integrated curricula. AIMprint can be purchased here

“As the arts continue the endless argument for a better place at the school curriculum table – more hours, more resources, more opportunity to transform lives, classroom communities, and school culture – the great experiment has begun. That great experiment is Arts Integration. There is something new under the arts learning sun. The gamble is that by bringing learning in the arts (through the arts) together with other subject matters, students can go further in both areas, and students’ lives and classroom culture can be transformed in the process.”
Foreword by Eric Booth
Arts Education Consultant, Founding Editor of Teaching Artists Journal